Healthcare spending in the United States exceeds $3 trillion per year, representing 18% of GDP.  Strong, long-term growth drivers will continue to increase healthcare spending into the indefinite future.  Growth drivers include: the aging population demographic is increasing demand for healthcare products and services; growing patient awareness is leading to a greater expectation for better treatment and services; and, technological advances are allowing new and more effective methods of treatment.  Although these long-term trends will remain in place, the importance of decisions made in Washington, DC cannot be underestimated.

We believe the healthcare industry is poised not only for growth, but also for consolidation.  Innovative young companies can grow as they improve the effectiveness or efficiency of healthcare delivery.  Public policymakers may embrace these improvements accelerating their adoption.  Ultimately, larger industry players will seek to acquire these innovators to maintain and grow their established market positions. 

England & Company is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by assisting growth-stage healthcare companies grow and compete in this rapidly evolving market. 

Our focus within the healthcare market includes

  • Healthcare IT

  • Medical devices

  • Medical diagnostic laboratories

  • Healthcare services

  • Life Sciences and Tools

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