The world faces a generational opportunity to develop and reliably deliver affordable, secure and sustainable sources of energy. Advances in information, process and communications technologies are enabling corporations and public sector entities to improve the efficiency of their existing assets, as well as reducing the cost of replacing, expanding or upgrading production and service delivery systems.

New energy extraction and production technologies have combined with efficiency gains and advancements in technology to allow commercial, industrial and retail consumers more control over their usage of high-value resources such as electricity, oil, water and natural gas.

Beyond those production and consumption trends, there is a simple fact that spending on infrastructure assets such as water and electric distribution systems has not kept pace with ongoing replacement needs and severely lags the amounts required to sustain population and economic growth in the 21st century.

England & Company’s focus within the energy & industrial growth markets includes

  • Oilfield services, equipment and technology

  • Utility related products and services

  • Energy, industrial and engineering services

  • Commercial and industrial electrical products

  • Power generation and environmental controls technology and services

  • Energy and resource management products and services

  • Industrial and building automation technologies


Selected Energy & Industrial Growth Transactions